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Nachtigal Guides Maize South Elementary to become a “Lighthouse School”

Eric Nachtigal ’95, an assistant principal at Maize South Elementary, Maize, Kansas, has successfully guided his school to become a designated “Lighthouse School” through the “The Leader in Me” program. The program is based upon Stephen Covey’s best-selling book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. This program helps develop a culture of leadership in schools, and emphasizes skills that students need in an ever changing society. Nachtigal’s school was the first in Kansas to earn this designation, and is being used as a model school in Kansas and beyond.

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Interest in rural medicine leads lawless to scholars program

Cayla Lawless learned at the beginning of this month that she had been accepted into the University of Kansas School of Medicine’s Scholars in Rural Health program. This competitive program, which only accepts 12-14 applicants per year, was designed and initiated to identify and encourage students from rural Kansas who are interested in serving as physicians in rural areas.

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Bethel College alumni, current and former staff gather to “Lift Every Voice”

A group of local artists, many of whom are Bethel College Alumni, current or former Bethel College faculty and staff members, got together recently and formed a group called “Lift Every Voice.” Lift Every Voice is "a community arts organization committed to social justice and nonviolence, celebrating diversity through creative expression”. Lift Every Voice walked in the Harvey County parade and hosted an art event at Athletic Park called “Common Thread”, which was meant to show just how much we have in common with those around us, despite how many differences we may perceive. They are hoping to do more events, especially in response to major events such as mass shootings or similar divisive happenings, both locally and globally.

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Friesen Announce Publication of New Book

Prairie Lands, Private Landscapes: Re-framing a Mennonite Childhood by Lauren Friesen (’67) seeks to address one basic question: How does a Midwestern rural child end up in amateur, professional and academic theater? To answer that question, Friesen delves into the dynamics of his religious heritage, family influences and community of origin. The book is available online through Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

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Profs Kasper invite you to join a long tradition

Professors emeritus in theater and vocal music, respectively, Arlo ’61 and Kathryn ’62 Kasper began taking people to New York City in January, 1967, as part of a new interterm theater course. There followed years of "Bethel at Broadway" every January, with the Kaspers later joined by singer-actress daughter, Rachel ‘88. The Kaspers now announce their 50th group visit to New York City, January 25–29, 2017 — open to anyone interested in an experience with many options. Details of the flexible package are available and questions welcome. E-mail Arlo Kasper for more information.

Experience the Jerusalem Seminar Next January

Bethel alumni and friends are invited to participate in the next college-hosted tour to Jordan, Palestine and Israel Jan. 3–24, 2017. The “Jerusalem Seminar” includes a study of the history and geography of the region, with connections to biblical texts, the present Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and the religions and cultures of the region. Time for worship and reflection is also included. The many locations to be visited include Jerusalem, Gethsemane, Mt. Nebo, Petra, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jericho, the Jordan River, the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee.

Those interested should contact Peter Goerzen ’07, campus pastor and director of church relations, by e-mail, or phone 316-284-5356.

Snider Mural Dedication on Friday, Aug. 19

Newton artist Conrad Snider ‘84 recently completed two commissioned works at highly visible Kansas venues. “Opening Move”, a 16' X 8' ceramic mural, has been installed at Capital Federal Hall in Lawrence, new home to the University of Kansas School of Business. The second mural, a 24' X 12' ceramic work is on an exterior wall of the Salina Art Center. Snider is a prolific ceramic artist, creating large-scale bottles and figurative work as well as murals.Some of his commissioned work in south-central Kansas can be seen at the Blue Sky Project and Newton High School in Newton, and at Evergreen Park Library, Nomar International Market and the Kansas Leadership Center in Wichita.

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Exhibit seeks to build bridges between Western, Middle Eastern worlds

The Regier Art Gallery at Bethel College is hosting an exhibit unlike any seen there in recent memory, if ever. “Building Bridges” consists of 29 paintings — some oil on paper under glass, mostly oil on canvas — by refugee artists from Iraq and Palestine. The art is for sale by silent auction, with the proceeds to benefit the artists, all of whom now live in Canada, Europe or the United States.

The exhibit will be at Bethel through Sept. 23 as part of a wider effort called Building Bridges that includes Wichita and involves a number of groups and organizations.

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Thresher Shop 20% online sale!

Looking to get the newest BC gear? Shop online and use code XO3FL4AAUC3 in the coupon code box before checkout to receive a 20% discount on all products!

Store hours are 8 a.m.–5 a.m. CDT Monday–Friday or shop online! Payment can be made by credit card or via PayPal. And, Thresher Shop can ship almost anywhere in the world.

If you have questions, e-mail the shop or call 316-283-2500 — 8 a.m.–5 p.m. CDT Monday–Friday.

Jaylene Burge named DCF West regional employee of the quarter

Jaylene Burge ‘13, Newton, was honored Aug. 22, at a reception at the State Capitol Building, Topeka, for having been named employee of the 2016 second quarter for the Kansas Department for Children and Families’ (DCF) West Region.

A child protection specialist in DCF’s Prevention and Protection Services (PPS) division, based in the Newton Service Center, Burge joined four other DCF employees who were recognized by Governor Sam Brownback for their service to the state.

Burge has served the state for three years, working first in the Hutchinson DCF service center, before transferring to Newton in June 2014. She performs investigations of child safety concerns and works to preserve at-risk families by helping them develop skills and access resources.

“Jaylene brings tremendous energy, passion and knowledge to her work with families,” said DCF Secretary Phyllis Gilmore. “She is passionate about assisting families and being their ally, even while they are going through a difficult time in their lives.”

Outside of work, Burge enjoys being outdoors, walking, hiking, swimming and fishing. She is active volunteering in her community when she is not spending time with her family.

Post job openings to Bethel alumni in THRESHEReview

Career Services and Alumni Relations will be collaborating to provide Bethel College alumni with more job opportunities. If you own or manage a company and are interested in hiring Bethel alumni, please contact Megan Kershner, Director of Career Services, via e-mail or 316-284-5305 for more details.

Fall Fest fliers mailed!

Check your mailboxes, information will be arriving soon about this year’s Fall Fest!

There’s music, art, athletic events, food, and much more at the 2016 Fall Fest, Sept. 28–Oct. 2.

Is Bethel College included in your estate plan? Consider joining the Heritage Roll of Honor

The Bethel College Heritage Roll of Honor recognizes, during their lifetimes, those individuals who remember Bethel in their estate plans. Membership in the Heritage Roll of Honor is open to those who indicate that they have made specific plans to provide for Bethel in one or more of the following ways:

  • Specific provision by will
  • Creation of a charitable trust
  • Purchase of a charitable gift annuity
  • Assignment of life insurance
  • A gift of property with life estate reserved
  • Designated beneficiary of retirement plan assets

These friends of Bethel College extend their influence beyond their lifetimes. They ensure the mission of Bethel College. They motivate others to do likewise. They assure foundations, companies and accrediting agencies that Bethel College will exist for generations to come.

Download the form, complete it, and mail it to the Bethel College Development Office at 300 E 27th St, North Newton, KS 67117.